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About TheTVDB

A Global Entertainment Metadata Provider

Founded in 2006, TheTVDB is one of the longest-running community-driven TV and Movie databases. With content metadata available for 131,000+ TV Series and 328,000+ movies, TheTVDB is a complete and accurate, yet affordable entertainment metadata solution.

Thousands of developers use our digital media metadata API to power their apps, utilities, and projects, generating over 1 billion API calls per day on average.

What sets TheTVDB apart?

Our large catalog of digital media metadata. TheTVDB's robust entertainment industry dataset includes a large catalog of global video metadata across a variety of fields, all accessible via our API.

Available TV and Movie Metadata Fields TV Shows Movies
Companies (Studio, Network, Production Company, etc)
Genres / Subgenres
Key Art
Ratings / Compliance Data
External Links and IDs
Cast & Crew
Unique IDs
Tagging & Structured Taxonomy
Cultural Inspiration
Season Count & Structure
Episode Count & Structure
Episode Synopses
Episode Air Dates
Air Date & Time
Season Artwork
Season Trailers
Episode Artwork
TV Types / Structural Format
Guest Stars
International Release Dates
Production Countries
Production Budget
Global Box Office
Spoken Languages
International Trailers
Country of Release

Dedicated Editorial Team

TheTVDB’s community of over 15,000 contributing editors deliver a level of human content refinement that the larger media metadata providers can’t match. Our community’s work is monitored closely by our 25 active editorial moderators, who are passionate about entertainment and uphold TheTVDB’s stringent editorial standards and workflows.

Specialized data from TheTVDB’s hands-on approach

  • Certified Records: Our Editorial team works with movie studios and TV networks to manually verify data and create officially Certified Records.
  • Content-identifying tagging: TheTVDB community also contributes to our newly-added content tagging system, assigning descriptive tags to our metadata to define content at an even more granular scale.

TheTVDB as a Digital Media Metadata Solution

TheTVDB can serve as the source of movie and TV series information for a number of industries. Whether you’re looking to leverage TheTVDB as your primary information resource or using it to fill in the gaps in your existing data, TheTVDB offers an easy-to-deploy, multi-platform metadata integration solution.

How can TheTVDB’s entertainment industry dataset enhance your business?

Apps that aggregate video titles from multiple entertainment sources need a metadata source from a trusted third party. High-quality video metadata can bridge multiple broadcast and digital services, making vast content catalogs more navigable for users.

For content providers, metadata integration can improve the synchronization of your catalogs so you can better merchandise your content. Good metadata also powers smarter operational insights, informing businesses of a catalog’s strength.

Who uses TheTVDB’s global video metadata?

Content Providers (Movie Studios, TV Networks)
  • Monetize content libraries
  • Simplify distribution
  • Streamline branding across distribution partners
  • Enhance discoverability of assets
Video Distributors (Pay-TV Operators, VOD, and Streaming Services)
  • Drive viewership with deeply descriptive information
  • Increase engagement levels to prevent churn and cord-cutting
Device Manufacturers (STB, CE, PC/Peripheral, Mobile, Automotive)
  • Drive viewership with deeply descriptive information
  • Synchronize information across devices, platforms and video services
  • Create a consistent global experience
Entertainment Retailers, Platforms and Information Providers
  • Drive merchandising of retail inventories
  • Populate engaging user experiences that drive revenue and return traffic
  • Create a consistent global experience
Entertainment-centric Software Developers
  • Synchronize information across platforms and video services
  • Deliver service-agnostic descriptive data to customers that’s accurate and balanced

Content Notice

Our metrics may be lower than similar sites, primarily because we disallow adult content.


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